Sculpture African Homage Healing dance

Sculpture – Artist Addé – Healing Dance


In the Pende culture, illness is represented by a bi-colored pattern, usually black and white, sometimes red and white. Alike the yin/ yang symbol in Asian cultures, the black and white symbolises the fight against illness, emphasized by dancing in the healing process.

Dans la culture Pende, la maladie est représentée par un motif bicolore, généralement noir et blanc, parfois rouge et blanc. Comme le symbole yin/yang dans les cultures asiatiques, le noir et blanc symbolise la lutte contre la maladie, soulignée par la danse dans le processus de guérison.

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5 sculptures by © Addé African Homage gallery

5 Sculptures by Addé, Gallery, African Homage

Praised be the rain > Summonation > Birth of a Baobab > Healing dance > Semaphoric metaphoric bird.


Most of the original sculptures presented here are conceived as monumental. Should you be interested in commissioning the large version, please contact us.

A sculpture being static, per se, it represents a momentum during which the dance is faster than the eye.

Une sculpture étant statique en soi, elle représente un moment pendant lequel la danse est plus rapide que l’œil.



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  • Eddie Two Hawks août 2, 2016, 12:32

    fascinating artwork, definitely distinctive

    • Xea B août 2, 2016, 14:39

      Thank you so much Eddie! We deeply appreciate!

  • Johanna Bradley janvier 2, 2017, 19:17

    Happy 2017 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    • Addé janvier 3, 2017, 13:33

      Happy new year, Johanna! Thank you for your support! As William of Orange said: « Hope is not necessary to engagement, nor success to perseverance ».

  • Aquileana août 8, 2017, 15:26

    This sculpture is great…It reminds me of the series Twin Peaks, a sort of fantastic « character » called The arm (it is a sort of tree, which identifies itself as the arm … the evolution of the arm: Here is an image … sending best wishes 😀

    • Addé août 8, 2017, 15:55

      Thank you Aquileana, I understand your perception as, indeed, there is some sort of analogy.

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