Pende Kwilu Mbangu

Pende Kwilu Mbangu, Mask, African Homage, collection
Pende Kwilu Mbangu Mask

The Pende (plural Bapende) are a Bantu people of Central Africa, present in the Bandundu province (in the Territories Gungu, Idiofa of Feshi and Kahemba) in the province of Kasai-Occidental in the region near the Loango and Kasai Rivers, in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola from where they originate.
Pende masks are amongst the most dramatic works of all African art.
There are two styles: the western one of the Kwilu with its mbuya mask characterized by drooping eyelids and strong expression, and the Kasai style that is more geometric and colorful.
This mask belongs to the Pende of the west, typical of the Kwilu style, it has a specific style called “Mbangu”.
The deformed face, each half divided in different colors, can be seen in context of healing an illness.

Masks are worn in dances and or/ hanged at home until illness is cured.

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