The Holy Stone (how does it feel?)

sculpture, Addé, The Holy Stone, African Homage

The holy stone (how does it feel?)


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“The holy stone (how does it feel?)” Sculpture by Addé 2017
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When poetry meets sculpture


Comments, writings, critics about Art are quite usual, and, therefore, expected, yet rarely pertinent.
Here is something different when a poet, Manache, freely composed inspired by a sculpture.
We both hope you will enjoy the result..

“Certains ne voient de la vie “que le rose de leurs paupières” (Maurice Tillieux) d’autres regardent, certains voient. Le regard d’un poète est différent: ni analytique, ni critique, il se nourrit de l’oeuvre comme un papillon d’une fleur, se pénétrant des formes et des couleurs pour nous en offrir une quintessence, la sienne.”

texte par Addé pour le poème “Seul L’arbre…” de Manache Poetry

Poem by Manache “Seul, l’Arbre”

sculpture, Addé, The Holy Stone, African Homage

Articles sur le thème de l’Arbre Sacré. auteur: Maryse Marsailly

L’arbre sacré, un symbole vivifiant
L’Arbre mythique : fertilité, généalogie et creuset
L’Arbre de Vie, un concentré du Cosmos Vivant
L’Arbre cosmique, l’Essence de la Réflexion

Most of the original sculptures presented here are conceived as monumental. Should you be interested in commissioning the large version, please contact us.


We appreciate you visiting our gallery and liking it, thank you!
What we value the most are the comments, so please give us your opinion, and share!

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  • Manache Poetry September 2, 2017, 19:11

    How does it feel?
    The Holy stone makes its way to enlightenment
    The words are spoken in secret
    In the light of a crown of thorns

    Bon Soir et merci 🙂

    • Addé September 3, 2017, 10:13

      How pleasant and rewarding it is, receiving a poet’s perception on a work of art! Merci beaucoup, Manache!

  • kutukamus June 18, 2020, 22:02

    Your art reminds me
    Of some particular Ancient Deal
    That to reach holiness
    One must pass the ordeal

    • Addé June 19, 2020, 00:31

      I always appreciate your comments on my work, as, each time, you express deep feelings, which are precisely what I am trying to convey. What you say today is wise and deep. I believe passing the ordeal is the way (the only one ?) to reach altered states of consciousness. Some might call it ecstasy (not the drug !) others holiness, and both would be right. Then, I might simply call it autonomy… Thank you so much Kutu !

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