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Pride of the Pende

Art sculpture polychromy mixed media

A tribute to the Pende people and their colourful arts – Contemporary Art – Sculpture – Polychromy – Artist Addé.

in Art and Sculpture, Abstract Artists, Sculptor

Healing Dance

Sculpture African Homage Healing dance

A sculpture being static, per se, it represents a momentum during which the dance is faster than the eye.

in Art and Sculpture, Abstract Artists, Sculptor

Celebration of the Pende Mbuya

Art, Painting, Oil on canvas, Pende Mbuya, mask, on a wall, framed.

Contemporary Art: Painting – Artist Xea B. – Oil on canvas – This fine painting expresses the joyfulness of the feasts given by the Pende on many occasions.


Pende Kwilu Mbangu

Pende Kwilu Mbangu, Mask, African Homage, collection

This Pende Kwilu Mbangu mask belongs to the Pende of the west, (Congo).
Typical of the Kwilu style, it has a specific style called « Mbangu ».


Pende Healing Mask

Painting, African mask, Pende, framed, on a wall, African symbolic portrait, African Homage, Xea B.

As a tribute, this very strong painting has caught, in an impressive close-up, the essence of the mask.