Wee Morphie – Sculpture by Addé 2018


Once I saw a local train, so cute, I had to say “it looks like a gigantic miniature train.”

The scale of objects, and/ or beings has always been an object of curiosity, attraction/ repulsion or love.

Scale models fascinate a large audience, and so are magnified objects.

Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travel, although a satirical masterpiece and philosophical novel, contains the alpha and omega of such a fascination.

When it comes to sculpture, the final result will stand at its height, yet not different if reduced or enlarged, besides minor corrections.

Simply, when a sculpture is huge, as, de facto, compared with the human size, it will be contemplated because of its tallness, and, therefore, better seen than if small.

A primary perception is based on size, as a very humanly sense of comparison to oneself, but is fatuous when watching sculpture.


Wee Morphie © Addé 2018 – photos Xea B.


There is no such a thing as a small sculpture.

# Morphogenesis

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