Art and Sculpture

Sculpture Addé "Do stones have souls?" African Homage

Stone Sculpture by Addé for African Homage – “Do stones have souls?” Yes they have, and it is purple…

Sculpture Addé "In memoriam Robert Malaval" African Homage

Polychromy Sculpture by Addé for African Homage – In memoriam Robert Malaval

sculpture, Addé, Can you see the light? African Homage

Polychromy Sculpture by Addé for African Homage – Can you see the light?

sculpture, Addé, The Holy Stone, African Homage

Polychromy Sculpture by Addé for African Homage – The Holy Stone (how does it feel?)

Painted Sculpture sculptor Addé African Homage

Here is a sculptural form, sled from Chines’s scholar stone to an African version as a tribute to African scholars. Sculpture – artist – Addé.

sculpture Addé 2017 Monument to the Last Warrior

One day, yes one day, war and warriors will belong to memories…

sculpture, 3 faces, mystery of the lengola

The three faces/ four eyes Lengola masks, represent the knowledge of the visible world and the invisible world and associate feminine and masculine values.

Sculpture by Addé "Mass to Energy" detail

A sculpture to show that matter, in fact, does so. Concepts of mass, of energy, are quite recent. Yet matter and light backed humanity since the beginning.

Sculpture Alpha Waves detail

Any culture has its ways to elevate the mind. This painted sculpture “African Alpha Waves” depicts such a discipline, therefore, becomes a proper medium to access to one’s own alpha waves.

sculpture, artist Addé, contemporary, mixed media

Life is on earth, the sky is the domain of after-life under the condition of a well-behaved life on earth, therefore, wrestling the sky…

Sculpture, polychromy, The Cinnabar Fields, Addé

Amongst the fascinating number of minerals, the mercury ore stands as, maybe, the strangest stone of all – Artist: Addé

Sculpture, polychromy, The Bleeding Stone, Addé, African Homage

Contemporary Art – Artist Addé – This work, a fine piece of polychrome sculpture, is paying a tribute to humanity facing mysteries.

Sculpture, polychromy, Addé, Celebrating the Wind, African Homage

A fine, dramatic, yet colorful sculpture which is a tribute to one of the strongest force on earth and a fundamental source of energy.

Art sculpture polychromy mixed media

Contemporary Art – Sculpture – Polychromy – Artist Addé – Mixed Media – A tribute to the Pende people and their colourful arts.

African Homage contemporary art

Contemporary Art – Sculpture – Artist Addé – This sculpture is a stunning monochrome exercice de style.

African Homage sculpture The soul of earth II

Art – Sculpture – Polychromy – mixed media – Artist Addé – What does not come from the sky, is given by Mother Earth.

The Ancestor

Sculpture, Artist Addé, polychromy, The Ancestor, African Homage

Keeping the ancestor’s skull as a mark of respect and faith. “The Ancestor” Sculpture

Sculpture, polychromy, Tribute to Marie Laveau, Addé, African Homage

Voodoo – A tribute to Marie Laveau revived in Dr John’s evocational voodooing song Sculpture


Sculpture, Addé, Nkisi, African Homage

Power figure Nkisi elaborated to fight difficulties gris-gris Sculpture

Sculpture by Addé "Vous deux child" African Homage

Contemporary Art – Sculpture – Vous Deux Child – Artist Addé – Voodoo, the world’s oldest religion, a heritage from Yoruba, Fon, and Ewe.


Sculpture African Homage Ekuk

Contemporary art – Sculpture – Polychromy – Mixed Media – Artist Addé – The joyful forest spirit comes out of his domain bringing chants and dances.

Sculpture African Homage The Soul of Earth by Addé

Contemporary art – Sculpture – Artist Addé – Mixed media – Polychromy – What does not come from the sky, is given by mother earth.

Sculpture Birth of a Baobab, left handside - front view - right handside

Contemporary Art Sculpture by Addé, Birth tree baobab African legend.

Sculpture Semaphoric metaphoric bird © Addé

Contemporary Art – Sculpture – Artist Addé – Mixed media – Polychromy – Bird metaphore dream Africa.

Praised be the rain, details, sculpture, Addé, African Homage

Praised be the rain – Sculpture – Artist Addé – Based on a Kuba inspired pattern, this sculpture carries the symbols of life and fertility.

Sculpture African Homage Healing dance

Sculpture – Artist Addé – mixed media – Pende Healing Dance Rituals – Polychrome sculpture


Detail sculpture, © Addé, Summonation

Sculpture – Artist Addé – Animism construction mixed media sculpture colorful.

African sculpture work in progress by Addé.

The public always sees artworks when exhibited. Very few people have the privilege to see works in progress. This is what you get here.