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Drought, sculpture, Addé, detail

The driest sculpture ever…

Sic transit gloria mundi, sculpture, Addé

A sculpture as a reminder all things must pass.

La Cattiva Strada - sculpture - Addé

This sculpture is about la cattiva strada, ma questa non c’è la via Gluck !

Science Fiction - Sculpture - Addé

A sculpture cannot tell of the future, yet might still be there tomorrow…

Chernobyl - sculpture - Addé - African Homage

A sculpture to, both, recall a nasty disaster, and grant the overcoming power of nature.

Volare, to fly, how solid matter can express the impalpable force of air.

Welcome to our African-inspired gallery!

As said, we praise, value, and revisit the African influences that revolutionnised Occidental arts, but were soon forgotten. We believe Africa is, artistically and culturally, yet not by itself, one of the main actors of tomorrow’s universal culture, and we are proud to “bring our stone” to the edifice.