Sculpture Addé "In memoriam Robert Malaval" African Homage

Polychromy Sculpture by Addé for African Homage – In memoriam Robert Malaval

sculpture, Addé, The Holy Stone, African Homage

Polychromy Sculpture by Addé for African Homage – The Holy Stone (how does it feel?)

The philosopher's rock,Painted Sculpture, sculptor Addé, African Homage

Here is a sculptural form, sled from Chines’s scholar stone to an African version as a tribute to African scholars. Sculpture “The Philosopher’s Rock”

Detail sculpture, © Addé, Summonation

Sculpture – Artist Addé – Animism construction mixed media sculpture colorful.

sculpture, 3 faces, mystery of the lengola

The three faces/ four eyes Lengola masks, represent the knowledge of the visible world and the invisible world and associate feminine and masculine values.

Sculpture by Addé "Mass to Energy" detail

A sculpture to show that matter, in fact, does so. Concepts of mass, of energy, are quite recent. Yet matter and light backed humanity since the beginning.

Welcome to our African-inspired gallery!

As said, we praise, value, and revisit the African influences that revolutionnised Occidental arts, but were soon forgotten. We believe Africa is, artistically and culturally, yet not by itself, one of the main actors of tomorrow’s universal culture, and we are proud to “bring our stone” to the edifice.