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Philosophie Africaine, Art, le Griot, Sartre

L’Art et La Philosophie Africaine: Un regard porté sur la tradition orale africaine: Francis Bebey. Texte de Addé - Semiologue.

Sculpture by Addé "Vous deux child" African Homage

Contemporary Art - Sculpture - Vous Deux Child - Artist Addé - Voodoo, the world's oldest religion, a heritage from Yoruba, Fon, and Ewe.

Contemporary Art, painting, Abstract, acrylic, Addé

Painting by Addé - Abstract - Acrylic on canvas - African body rituals painting.

African Homage sculpture The soul of earth II

Art - Sculpture - Polychromy - mixed media - Artist Addé - What does not come from the sky, is given by Mother Earth.