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Sculpture by Addé "Mass to Energy" detail

A sculpture to show that matter, in fact, does so. Concepts of mass, of energy, are quite recent. Yet matter and light backed humanity since the beginning.

African Homage contemporary art

Contemporary Art – Sculpture – Artist Addé – This sculpture is a stunning monochrome exercice de style.

Sculpture, Addé, Nkisi, African Homage

Power figure Nkisi elaborated to fight difficulties gris-gris Sculpture

Sculpture Semaphoric metaphoric bird © Addé

Contemporary Art – Sculpture – Artist Addé – Mixed media – Polychromy – Bird metaphore dream Africa.

Sculpture, polychromy, Addé, Celebrating the Wind, African Homage

A fine, dramatic, yet colorful sculpture which is a tribute to one of the strongest force on earth and a fundamental source of energy.

Welcome to our African-inspired gallery!

As said, we praise, value, and revisit the African influences that revolutionnised Occidental arts, but were soon forgotten. We believe Africa is, artistically and culturally, yet not by itself, one of the main actors of tomorrow’s universal culture, and we are proud to “bring our stone” to the edifice.