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The Triumph of Venus, sculpture, Addé, africanhomage

Sculptural triumphal tribute to the 21st. century Femininity Goddess.

Runes, sculpture, Addé, polychromy, africanhomage

Runes is a sculpture by Addé for African Homage – The quest for sense is not a-sensitive.

Murasaki, sculpture, Addé, polychromy, africanhomage

In honour of Murasaki Shikibu, author of the Genji Monogatari (Heian era XIth century).
Murasaki was an alias, taken from one of the characters then given to the author. Sculpture by Addé.

Tackety Bone, sculpture, Addé, African Homage

Tackety Bone Sculpture by Addé for African Homage. A wee salute to fair bony Scotland, with love.

Qual Piuma al Vento, sculpture, Addé, africanhomage

How a contemporary sculpture is inspired by a 19th century magnificent opera.

Welcome to our African-inspired gallery!

As said, we praise, value, and revisit the African influences that revolutionnised Occidental arts, but were soon forgotten. We believe Africa is, artistically and culturally, yet not by itself, one of the main actors of tomorrow’s universal culture, and we are proud to “bring our stone” to the edifice.