Welcome to our African-inspired gallery!
As said, we praise, value, and revisit the African influences that revolutionnised Occidental arts, but were soon forgotten. We believe Africa is, artistically and culturally, yet not by itself, one of the main actors of tomorrow’s universal culture, and we are proud to « bring our stone » to the edifice.


A sculpture to simply support Nature.
Une sculpture pour simplement soutenir la Nature.


A sculpture to celebrate water and plead for its respect.
Une sculpture pour célébrer l’eau et plaider pour son respect.

Ode to nature

A sculpture like a cry of suffering and rage, but also a celebration of absolute beauty, like a funeral monument…

The king of snails

A sculpture in honour of one of the greats of this world….
Une sculpture en l’honneur d’un des grands de ce monde…

The Griot’s Revenge

Art and African Philosophy: A look at African oral tradition: Francis Bebey. Text by Addé – Semiologist.

Beauty of Mathematics

A sculpture to celebrate mathematics (and the divina proportio) deserves the author being stoned… with marshmallows.

The bitter golden snail

A sculpture to say Nature demands respect. When you feed cows with meat, you might end up with carnivorous gasteropods.

The Macabre Dance

A sculpture to celebrate life.
Une sculpture pour célébrer la vie.

A sculpture as a proposal to treat trypophobia – Une sculpture comme une proposition pour traiter la trypophobie.

Aeolian murmur

A sculpture to celebrate the exquisite, sweet, and delicate sensation of a soft breeze chanting in the ears.

Via Ferrata

A sculpture to give strength when cliff-hanging.
Une sculpture pour donner de la force quand on est suspendu dans le vide.

For Ever Rest

This sculpture is dedicated to « Green Boots » and all alpinists who try to tame death. Requesciat in Pace…

A bling sculpture to show that the end justifies the means – Une sculpture éclatante pour montrer que la fin justifie les moyens

The spiky snail

A sculpture tribute to Uranian Willy, the Heavy Metal Kid in William S. Burroughs’ novel « The Soft Machine ».

The Patriotic snail

A sculpture to say that if Nations would wave their flags at the speed of snails, conflicts might follow the same pace.

The Arctic snail

Sculpture by Addé – A sculpture that won’t melt, no matter what. Une sculpture qui ne fondra pas, quoi qu’il arrive.

The glittering snails

A sculpture by Addé to introduce the rarely seen ghillie snail – Une sculpture pour présenter le rarement aperçu escargot ghillie.

The Goblin snail

A sculpture to introduce the rarely seen ghillie snail – Une sculpture pour présenter le rarement aperçu escargot ghillie.

Chameleon snail

A sculpture to express the subjectivity of senses – Une sculpture pour exprimer la subjectivité des sens.


The driest sculpture ever…

La Cattiva Strada

This sculpture is about la cattiva strada, ma questa non c’è la via Gluck !

Science Fiction

A sculpture cannot tell of the future, yet might still be there tomorrow…


A sculpture to, both, recall a nasty disaster, and grant the overcoming power of nature.

Nel blu dipinto di blu

Volare, to fly, how solid matter can express the impalpable force of air.


This sculpture, when seen in darkness, or, here photographed on a black background, not only takes Eigengrau in account, but its form expresses what can be perception in complete blackness.


This time, erosion is neither of natural cause, nor a damage, although man-made.


Sculptures, at least some of them, are the milestones, the reminders of rituality.


Growth of any form of life might be regarded as banal, it is, in fact fascinating.

The Red Tooth

A cenotaph to a Leprechaun king, a sculpture as a in memento.


If necessity is the mother of invention, curiosity must be her twin sister.

To Mars

This sculpture is conceived to celebrate the first Mars landing. Originally over one metre high, it should be enlarged to become a monument.


A sculpture to praise the rainbirds.


A sculpture to thank the gods.


A sculpture to try and catch the wind.

Side Growth

A sculpture for all those shamefully set aside, humans and animals…