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Sculptures, at least some of them, are the milestones, the reminders of rituality.

Luca, sculpture, addé, african homage

Growth of any form of life might be regarded as banal, it is, in fact fascinating.

The red tooth, sculpture, addé, african homage

A cenotaph to a Leprechaun king, a sculpture as a memeto.

Microscopy, sculpture, addé, african homage

If necessity is the mother of invention, curiosity must be her twin sister.

To Mars, sculpture, addé, african homage

This sculpture is conceived to celebrate the first Mars landing. Originally over one metre high, it should be enlarged to become a monument.

Rainbirds, sculpture, addé, african homage

A sculpture to praise the rainbirds.

Welcome to our African-inspired gallery!

As said, we praise, value, and revisit the African influences that revolutionnised Occidental arts, but were soon forgotten. We believe Africa is, artistically and culturally, yet not by itself, one of the main actors of tomorrow’s universal culture, and we are proud to “bring our stone” to the edifice.