A sculpture of a never heard of character deserves Mythology.


A sculpture to celebrate a beautiful yet unfortunate nymph, nymph, nymph…


This sculpture is dedicated to womanhood.

Towards Infinity

A sculpture pointing to infinity can be positioned errorlessly in any direction.

Reliquary II

Faith, remembrance, magic, are the basic components of a relic. Yet a sculpture itself, through time, might become a relic.

Little red rooster

This sculpture has more effect on the Universe than astrology has ever had on anybody.

De rerum natura

Sculptures by Nature are the fruits of necessity and time. In other words, Evolution.

Suspension of disbelief

A sculpture to infuse a “human interest and a semblance of truth” into a fantastic tale.

Counterchange II

Bright/ luminous colours in nature are advertising of danger, yet, counterchange in a sculpture acts as both a harmony and an opposition.


Being altogether counterchanging and disruptive, this piece’s elements are strictly based on the same palette.


Can a sculpture evoke a scent ?

Votive offering III

This sculpture is destined and designed as a reliquary. Cette sculpture est conçue comme un reliquaire et destinée à le devenir.

The Hag Stone

Did nature inspire the first sculptures? La nature a-t-elle inspiré les premières sculptures?


When a sculpture becomes a parade. Quand une sculpture devient une parade.

Morphogenesis V

Architecture is a permanent dilemma between the form and the content, yet the most remarquable constructions might be regarded as sculptures.


Standing as a symbol of strength and light, this sculpture is a potential trophy. Comme un symbole de force et de lumière, cette sculpture est un trophée potentiel.

A sculpture to reflect the magnificence and despair of human kind. Une sculpture qui reflète la magnificence et le désespoir du genre humain.

The tree of knowledge

Admire, respect, and cherish trees as a marvel of nature amongst so many. Admirez, respectez et chérissez les arbres comme une merveille de la nature parmi tant d’autres.


As strangely at it sounds, when searching for hope, look for art!


Let’s put the fun back into working

Wee Morphie

There is no such a thing as a small sculpture. Il n’existe pas de petite sculpture.

The Storm

Difference between sculpture and storms is sculptures don’t scare dogs. La différence entre la sculpture et les orages est que les sculptures n’effraient pas les chiens.

Sadness of the clown

Is there any monument dedicated to clowns and laughter? Yes, and here it is. Existe-t-il un monument dédié aux clowns et au rire ? Oui, et le voici.

Reliquary I

A work of art, a sculpture, transmitted through generations, acquire the status of relics. Une œuvre d’art, une sculpture, transmise de génération en génération, acquiert le statut de relique.

Votive offering II

Where the first sculptures religious, or profane ? Les premières sculptures étaient-elles religieuses, ou profanes ?

Impression Timbuktu

Notwithstanding his love for art, sculpture, and architecture, Timmy remains a cranky and stubborn character…

Morphogenesis IV

The ancient Greeks knew 3D and the Antikythera mechanism was part of a CNC machine…

From stone to bone

Matter is a basic element for life. Matter is transformed to meet the necessities of life, and, sometimes, to become sculpture.

Baron Samedi

This sculpture bears an optical punctuated painting reminiscent of the martelé of obsessional Voodoo music. 

Votive offering

Sculpture might be the vestigial remain of votive offering. Une sculpture peut être le vestige d’une offrande votive.


When a sculpture plays the blues… Quand une sculpture joue le blues…


This sculpture was created with and for tenderness, as simple and deep as it is.