Here, we have the pleasure to share with you the works of art we collect.

African Homage Collection – Toma Landai initiation mask – The Toma live in the rain forest, northwest of Liberia, western Sierra Leone, and eastern Guinea.

Teke Mask

This flat “mask” stems from the area of the upper Ogowe and is used in ceremonies of the secret society KIDUMU.

Grebo II

The Grebo are a West African people in east-central and south-eastern Liberia and western Ivory Coast, in a largely forested area.

Igbo Ibo

African mask Igbo , collection African Homage. The Igbo people inhabits both sides of the Niger river.

Luba kifewebe

Luba kifewebe mask – The Luba are one of the Bantu peoples of Central Africa, and the largest ethnic group in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Eket Mask – African Homage’s collection – The Eket are a sub-group of the Ibibio people.


Lele Mask – The Lele/ Bashilele/ Usilele people, leave in the west edge of the Kasai-Occidental Province, west of the Kasai River, north of the Pende.

Yaka Mask

Yaka Mask – This mask, with depiction of two abstract birds, belongs to a tradition appearing in initiation and circumcision rituals of the boys (mukhanda).


Grebo masks were early seen in Paris at the beginning of the XXth century. They attracted the attention of Picasso who was inspired by a Grebo mask.


African Homage’ s collection – The Bakongo are a people of Central Africa established on the Atlantic coast from Pointe-Noire, north to Luanda south.

Kuba Chameleon

A Kuba Chameleon mask from the Kuba-Ngeende people who were integrated into the eastern part of the Kuba kingdom during the sixteenth century, in Congo.

Pende Kwilu Mbangu

This Pende Kwilu Mbangu mask belongs to the Pende of the west, (Congo).
Typical of the Kwilu style, it has a specific style called “Mbangu”.

Fang Cap Mask

This fine piece Fang Cap Mask, known as “cap mask” because of a very specific hairdo, is a dancing mask and is not connected to the Ngil secret society.

Kwele ‘Ekuk’ Mask

This authentic Kwele mask is precious as it bears evidence of usage and has been “danced”.


African Homage’ s collection – The Tsogo or Mitsogo are part of the Bantu people of Central Africa established in Ngounié, Gabon.