Kwele ‘Ekuk’ Mask

Kwele Mask, collection, African Homage

The Kwele live south of Gabon and northern Republic of Congo in the Ogooue basin.
In a context of civilisations which include the Fang, Kota, Tsogo, Mahongwe, etc.

The main concern of all nobles, including village and clan chiefs, was to keep the communities united and at peace. The Bweete, a ritual that served this end, was performed at more or less regular intervals and was a valuable tool in the process of social balance.

The Bweete, whose celebration was decided at a meeting of key leaders, is a ritual lasting a whole week.
The hunters are going to the forest from which they come back with their game, wearing
“Ekuk” masks, entering the village and inviting the people to dancing and singing. Ekuk means both”forest spirit” and “children of Bweete”.

This authentic mask is precious as it bears evidence of usage and has been “danced”.

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  • Erasmo March 26, 2016, 12:05

    Bellissima opera d’arte

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