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african dance

The Macabre Dance

The Macabre Dance, sculpture, detail

A sculpture to celebrate life – Une sculpture pour célébrer la vie.

in Art and Sculpture, Abstract Artists, Sculptor


Extravaganza, sculpture, Addé, African Homage

When a sculpture becomes a parade. Quand une sculpture devient une parade.

in Art and Sculpture, Abstract Artists, Sculptor


Sculpture African Homage Ekuk

The joyful forest spirit comes out of his domain bringing chants and dances. L’esprit joyeux de la forêt sort de son domaine en apportant des chants et des danses.

in Art and Sculpture, Abstract Artists, Sculptor

Healing Dance

Sculpture African Homage Healing dance

A sculpture being static, per se, it represents a momentum during which the dance is faster than the eye.

in Art and Sculpture, Abstract Artists, Sculptor

Exhausted Painted Body

Contemporary Art, painting, Abstract, acrylic, Addé

Painting by Addé – Abstract – Acrylic on canvas – African body rituals painting.


Guro in action

Guro Mask Collection African Homage

African dance – A rare to see dancing scene of the Guro.


Whirlwind of Signs

Contemporary art, Painting, framed, on a wall, Xea B. , Whirlwind of Signs, African Homage

Contemporary Art – Painting – Artist Xea B. – Chanting history, myths, legendes, and philosophy. – Say of the Griot.


Celebration of the Pende Mbuya

Art, Painting, Oil on canvas, Pende Mbuya, mask, on a wall, framed.

Contemporary Art: Painting – Artist Xea B. – Oil on canvas – This fine painting expresses the joyfulness of the feasts given by the Pende on many occasions.


African Dance

Ink works, teeshirt, textile, African dance, Xea B.

Here we present original ink works by Xea B. inspired by contemporary dancing, carefuly printed on the finest material, to be worn as a piece of art.