Polymodal Culture

Painting – Artist Xea B. – Polymodal Culture – African Symbolic portrait


R egarded as oral/ non written, African cultures are globally founded on many forms of expressions we believe are consistant of a (different) form of scripture.
This painting, based on a Fang figure, uses a fundamental pattern, the triangle, in an aray of colors and movements representing the richness of a polymodal culture.

Polymodal Culture


Polymodal Culture


“Polymodal Culture” © Xea B. 2013/ 2014
African Symbolic portrait.
Fang polymodal triangular pattern.
Original painting with certificate.
Signed on the back.Material: Oil on linen canvas.
Chassis 41 x 27 cm / 16.1 x 10.6 inches.


The paintings are framed for presentation only. Those frames are carefully chosen according to the character of each painting, as a suggestion. Yet the paintings will be sent unframed. We will gladly help you, if needed, to choose the frame according to your choice of decoration and style.


Please contact us for shipping & handling information.

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