African Symbolic portraits

African Symbolic Portraits - painting by Xea B. - Ambete, Yaka, Hemba, framed, on a wall.

Painting – Artist Xea B. – African Symbolic portraits – The Great Series


In a rather small format, this series of original paintings celebrates the great cultural currents of Western and Central Africa.
Each painting stands by itself but can be added to others as a polyptych.


This painting is inspired by a well known typical reliquary figure of the Ambete.



This painting is a study of a fine Yaka sculpture.


The HembaHemba

This painting reflets an ancestor figure, one of the relevant part of the Hemba art.



This painting was created after a genuine figure of a great chief.



This painting is inspired by a figure of a chief holding his hunting weapons. It represents dignity, strengh, power, and authority.



The Bayaka African Symbolic Portrait.


Oil on canvas Xea B.Polymodal Culture

Fang polymodal triangular pattern.
This painting based on a Fang figure, uses a fundamental pattern, the triangle, in an aray of colors and movements representing the richness of a polymodal culture.


Oil on canvas Xea B.Whirlwind of Signs

Say of the Griot.
Music, dance, costumes, significant words, each symbolised by the oldest form of geometry, in a Whirlwind of Signs, all coherently chanting history, myths, legendes, and philosophy.


African Symbolic portrait Painting © Xea B.

African art portraits by Xea B.


Please contact us for shipping & handling information.


The paintings are framed for presentation only. Those frames are carefully chosen according to the character of each painting, as a suggestion. Yet the paintings will be sent unframed. We will gladly help you, if needed, to choose the frame according to your choice of decoration and style.



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