African Symbolic Portrait, framed, painting, Xea B., African Homage

Painting – Artist Xea B. – Bateke


The Bateke are a Bantu Central African ethnic group that speaks the Teke languages. Its population is situated mainly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo and with a minority in Gabon.
The word teke means to purchase as they are renowned for their traiding skills.
Yet, their economy is mainly based on rural activities , but the Teke are also hunters, skilled fishermen, and traders.
This painting is inspired by a figure of a chief holding his hunting weapons. It represents dignity, strengh, power, and authority.



Bateke – African Symbolic Portrait – Xea B.

African Symbolic Portrait, painting, Xea B.

Bateke – African Symbolic Portrait – Xea B.


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“Bateke” © Xea B. 2013/2014
African Symbolic Portrait.
Original painting with certificate.
Signed on the back.

Material: Oil on linen canvas.
Chassis 41 x 27 cm / 16.1 x 10.6 inches.


Please contact us for shipping & handling information.


The paintings are framed for presentation only. Those frames are carefully chosen according to the character of each painting, as a suggestion. Yet the paintings will be sent unframed. We will gladly help you, if needed, to choose the frame according to your choice of decoration and style.



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