Painting – Artist Xea B. – Bayaka


The Bayaka live in southwestern Central African Republic and the Brazzaville region of the Republic of the Congo. They are related to the Baka people of Cameroon, Gabon, northern Congo, and southwestern Central African Republic.
Their rich language belongs to the Bantu sphere, yet the Bayaka are renown for their outstanding oral culture.
In 2003, the oral traditions of the Bayaka were proclaimed one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.
The Bayaka are masters at exploiting the resources of the forest, but the traditional hunter- gatherer lifestyle has not prepared them to meet the demands of contemporary socio-economic conditions.
The creation of National Parks has locked them out of their traditional hunting territories.

This intense painting, strongly inspired by the study and contemplation of the Yaka’s art, illustrates the deep sadness and disarray of a population confronted with a world they cannot understand, nor adapt to.



Painting – Bayaka – African Symbolic Portrait – Xea B.


African Symbolic Portrait, painting, Bayaka, unframed, Xea B.

Painting – Bayaka – African Symbolic Portrait – Xea B.


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“Bayaka” © Xea B. 2015
African Symbolic Portrait.
Original painting with certificate.
Signed on the back.Material: Oil on linen canvas.
Chassis 41 x 27 cm / 16.1 x 10.6 inches.


The paintings are framed for presentation only. Those frames are carefully chosen according to the character of each painting, as a suggestion. Yet the paintings will be sent unframed. We will gladly help you, if needed, to choose the frame according to your choice of decoration and style.



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